August 2022, volume 7, Number 3, Special Issue"Proceedings of the 13th Conference ISAC2020-Istanbul-Turkey"

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The Degree Possession of Governmental Basic Schools' Principals in Nablus Directorate Skills Employing the Artificial Intelligence in Administrative Work from their Own Perspective PDF
Dr. Hasan Mohammed Tayyem, Duaa Saeed Shami, Hadeel Rajeh, Narmeen Mohammed Aghbar
“Challenges of Applying Blended Education at Kadoorie University from The Point of view of The Faculty Members Under The CORONA Pandemic.” PDF
aHussam H. Al.Qassim, Ola. H. Khriwesh
Sports Violence - An Analytical Study PDF
Emad Omar Bahattab
Effect of Freshly Prepared Autologeous Platelets Rich Plasma on Limb Gait in induced complete Femoral transverse fractures in Dogs PDF
Rabia Ali Abed, Humam H. Nazht, Raffal A. Omar
Training needs from the workers in vocational education in Hebron Governorate apon their request PDF
Dr. Hakam Hijje, Fadia Badr
The Foundations and Rules of Dialogue – a Quranic Study in the Light of Contemporary Reality PDF
Dr. Mousa Mahmoud Taha Moutan
The extent of the injured person’s contribution to the cause Damage and its impact on compensation estimation PDF
Dr. Mansour Fouad Massad
Psychosocial support for women in light of crises and disasters - Syria as a model PDF
Prof. Hamdi Mohamed Mansour, Hana Salah Fayyad
The role of Islamic banks in implementing the agricultural cluster system in Palestine, in terms of empowerment and development PDF
Amjad Fadil Ziadt, Dr. Abdul Rahman Asaad Rayhan
Motives for people with visual impairment to use the social media site "Facebook" and achieved gratifications Field Study PDF
Dr. Aladdin Muhammad Ayyash
Effectiveness of The Proposed Program in Mathematics Based on Mathematical Modeling in Developing Inquiry thinking at Basic School Students in Palestine. PDF
MirvatMosa AL Sharif, JafarWasfi Abu Saa
The effect of developing sensory receptors on the performance level of motor sentence on still rings among students of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Sciences at Palestine Technical University PDF
Ala’ K. Issa, Ahmad F. Nsar
Quranic Prophecies and Their Impact on Increasing Faith Immunity PDF
Dr. Mona Rifaat Idaas Moutan
Attitudes of Teachers and Students in Private Schools in UAE towards Using Virtual Labs in Scientific Courses PDF
Khaled Younis Alderbashi
Estimating Statistical Model for Driver U-Turn Gap Acceptance Behavior PDF
Wafaa Ghalib Jabar, Dr. Khawla H. H. Shubber
The Contributions of the Saudi Digital Library in Providing Information and the Challenges It Encounters in Achieving Development That Is Sustainable and Achieves the Saudi Vision "2030" PDF
Abdullah Ali Alqahtani
The flag of the statement in the Diwan of jingle bell by Muhammad Iqbal PDF
Assis.prof.D. leqaa Adel Hussein
The impact of management information systems on achieving the efficiency of administrative decisions From the point of view of administrators working at Umm Al-Qura University PDF
Sama Nasser f Al-Shari
The role of human resources in achieving institutional excellence from the point of view of the administrations of King Abdul-Aziz University: an applied study PDF
Samar A. Alyami, Mashael K. Alotaibi
Attitudes of Parents of Students with Learning Difficulties Towards Resource Rooms in Qabatiya District – Palestine PDF
Qessmat T. Attiani
Program for International Student Assessment Life Contexts Involved in the 8th Grade Palestinian Math Textbook/ Part One PDF
Mahmoud N. R. Kameel
Employing artificial intelligence applications and their relationship to knowledge management processes in e-learning in Saudi universities PDF
Mnna'a Othman Motheeb AL-katheeri, Prof. Khalil Yaghi
The idea of discrimination and its impact on tort liability in Palestinian legislation PDF
Dr. Loai Iyad Mohammad Sadi Qaoud

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