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2021: May 2021, volume 6, Number 1

Table of Contents


The dangers facing the Internet, cybercrime, the ethics of using the Internet, the ethics of the profession, the means for its establishment, and the obstacles to its implementation PDF
Esam Eid Ahmed Al-Juhani
The role of knowledge extraction in crisis management in the health sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia PDF
Ahmed Ibrahim Gomari, Prof.Khalil Yaghi, Dr.Othman Mousa Ageeli
Impact of mechanisms and levels of decision-making on knowledge discovery through data mining to support decision-makers for the development of the human element in Holy Makkah Municipality PDF
Raed Khan
Advantages of Searching Computerized Files in Different Organizations: Survey Study PDF
Reem Abdel Aziz Abdel Bari
Modern Technologies and their Impact on Electronic Archiving: An Analytical Study PDF
Norah Abdullah Al-Zahrani
Obstacles of the Application of Computerized Information Systems in Different Institutions: A Survey Study PDF
Reham Saud Al-Boushi, Reem Abdel-Aziz Abdel-Bari, Wadha Ibrahim Al-Harbi
Scientific Cases of File Systems and Indexes: A Survey of Problems, Difficulties and Proposals for Treatment PDF
Wadha Ibrahim Hassan Al-Harbi
Technical Characteristics and Standards Adapted for Electronic Archiving: An Evaluation Study PDF
Dania Zaki Al-Malki, Nada Muhammad Al-Khuzai, Wafa Ali Al-Hazmi
The Contents of Electronic Archive Files and their Protection Measures: A Critical Review Study PDF
Afraa Ali Al-Marr
Methods of Preserving and Exchanging Electronic Files: A Survey Study PDF
Noura Mohammed Ali Al-khurayyif
Management Information Systems: A Comprehensive View from Concept to Vital Functions PDF
Kholoud Abdullah Al-Zahrani, Mashael Ahmad Nawab, Noura Mohammad Al-Khurayyif
Electronic Archiving Systems and their Applications in Various Organizations and Institutions: An Analytical Study PDF
Nora Abdullah Al-Zahrani, Afra Ali Al-Marri
Artificial Intelligence and its impact on enterprise decision-making PDF
Abdel Moneim bin Yassin Al-Shehri
The Practical Models of Electronic Archiving: An Evaluation Study PDF
Wafa'a Ali Alhazmi

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