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IMAJ is a a multidisciplinary and multilingual peer reviewed academic Journal.

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2023: April , Volume 8, Number 2, ONGOING ISSUE

Table of Contents


Knowledge management and student activities "State of the art" PDF
Abdul Rahman Al-Zahrani
Activating the role of knowledge management practices in supporting student activities at King Abdul-Aziz University PDF
Abdul Rahman Al-Zahrani
Knowledge management and university education outputs "Scientific Review" PDF
Yasser Ateya Alfaidi
Blockchain Technology and Knowledge Sharing “State of the art” PDF
Tahany Mohammed AlDerbi, Hanaa Ali AlDahawi, Amen Ali AlRobai
A Comparative Study of Syrian Refugee Children in Jordan and Turkey: An Exploratory Research PDF
Sewar Barakat
The extent to which the employee's performance was affected while working remotely during Covid-19 "A theoretical and analytical study" PDF
Muhannad Nafea Salim Alsaedi
How to Succeed in Building a Virtual Team PDF
Omar Moeen Aldin Malik

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