Quranic Prophecies and Their Impact on Increasing Faith Immunity

Dr. Mona Rifaat Idaas Moutan


This study deals with Quranic prophecies and their impact on increasing faith immunity. It consists of an introduction, three chapters, and a conclusion. The introduction dealt with faith immunity, its necessity and human need, and explained how Quranic prophecies are one of the divine ways to renew the people’s covenant with the message of Islam. As for the topics of the study, the first was: the concept of Quranic prophecy and its importance in proving the sincerity of the Prophet (may God bless him and grant him peace). The second topic studied faith immunity and its’ relationship to Quranic Prophecy. Last but not least, the third topic shed light on the importance of Quranic prophecy and its role in motivating the Islamic nation and pushing it towards action. The study concluded by mentioning the most important findings and recommendations.


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