The Foundations and Rules of Dialogue – a Quranic Study in the Light of Contemporary Reality

Dr. Mousa Mahmoud Taha Moutan


This study deals with dialogue in the Noble Qur’an in the light of contemporary reality. It consists of an introduction, three topics and a conclusion. The introduction deals with dialogue, its’ Quranic purpose and human need, as mentioned in many verses and surahs. It also discusses the importance of the research, its’ approach, problem, and objectives. As for the topics of the study, the first was: the definition of dialogue and the difference between it and controversy. The second topic dealt with the foundations, rules and types of dialogue in the Holy Qur’an. The third topic discussed the methods of dialogue, its’ etiquette and its’ importance in the Holy Qur’an.  Finally, I concluded my study with important findings and recommendations.


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