Effect of Freshly Prepared Autologeous Platelets Rich Plasma on Limb Gait in induced complete Femoral transverse fractures in Dogs

Rabia Ali Abed, Humam H. Nazht, Raffal A. Omar


         The presents study was designed to evaluate the effect of freshly prepared autologeous platelets rich plasma (A-PRP) on limb gait , and body weight bearing of  induced femoral mid shift fracture in 18 adult stray male dogs .The  fractures created under general anesthesia with highly aseptic technique .The operated animals divided to tow equal group each ( n = 9) , group A control group which followed for normal healing processing without additive ,while group B treatment group which injected 3ml of the A-PRP locally at the site of fracture after the end of surgical operation .The evaluation done according to the limb gait score , which consist of 5 different degree and level ,the results revealed ,there is gradual improvement in limb gait in treatment group compare to the control group ,in which the animals use the affected limb normally in walking and running with complete body weight support at the end of 28th  day p. o. with score ( 1.83±0.16 d ), while the control group persist until the end of  35th day p. o.  which take the score ( 1.00±0.00 e) .The conclusion was, injected single dose of A- PRP for treatment of induced femoral mid shift fractures that fixed by intramedullary pining ,rapidly promote and enhance used the limb normally in walking running with complete support body weight better than control group.


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