The Degree Possession of Governmental Basic Schools' Principals in Nablus Directorate Skills Employing the Artificial Intelligence in Administrative Work from their Own Perspective

Dr. Hasan Mohammed Tayyem, Duaa Saeed Shami, Hadeel Rajeh, Narmeen Mohammed Aghbar


This study aimed to identify the degree possession of government Basic schools' principals in Nablus directorate of skills employing the artificial intelligence in administrative work from their own perspective. The descriptive analysis approach was used, to achieve the goals of the study, a questionnaire which contained (33) items was developed, divided into (6) dimensions. The study population was (102) (male and female) principals, and the study sample consisted of (72) principals, who were chosen randomly. The result of the study showed that the degree of principals' possession of government basic schools in skills of employing artificial intelligence was medium. The study results also showed that there was no statistical difference attributable to the study variable (sex, faculty graduated from, scientific qualification, years of administrative experience) at the level of significant (α=0.05). Based on the results of study, the researchers recommended several recommendations, most notable: The necessity of preparing programs and training courses for school principals, faculty members and students to develop skills in using artificial intelligence applications.


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