Program for International Student Assessment Life Contexts Involved in the 8th Grade Palestinian Math Textbook/ Part One

Mahmoud N. R. Kameel


This study aims to evaluate the Palestinian 8th-grade math textbook /part1, in terms of its inclusion for the life contexts (scientific, societal, professional, and personal) adopted in the Program for Itnternational Student Assessment (PISA) assessment. The study used the analytical descriptive method in which it used the context classification criteria adopted in the PISA 2018 assessment; to classify the contexts of the examples, learning activities, and evaluating items involved in the 8th-grade math textbook. The study results showed a variation in the degree of including these contexts in the textbook units, whether in terms of examples and educational activities, or in terms of evaluation items, or in terms of the totality of what is included in the content; The percentage of the scientific, personal, societal and professional contexts for the whole content, were 47.56%, 8.54%, 29.27%, and 14.63% respectively. Accordingly, the study recommends that more contexts must be included in the 8th-grade math content, while more interest to achieve a greater balance in terms of including those contexts.


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