The flag of the statement in the Diwan of jingle bell by Muhammad Iqbal leqaa Adel Hussein


The research talks about the poet Muhammad Iqbal, who was known for his mysticism and his deep study of the Holy Qur’an and his call to take the right approach through his poems, which were characterized by the skill of rhetoric and the accuracy of using rhetorical art, which indicates the great impact of his Qur’anic study on his poems and the reason for their rhetorical distinction. He studied the Arabic language, law, and political economy, and he learned and deepened the Holy Qur’an when he was still young, not more than thirty-two years old.

The research was divided into three sections: the first is a brief about the poet Muhammad Iqbal, the second is what was said about him and his achievements, and the third is the science of eloquence in the Diwan of Salsa Bell (Pancadra), and then the research results and sources.


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