October 2022: Volume 7, Number 4, ONGOING ISSUE

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Information Behavior in Searching for Sources of Information, in the Light of the Digital Transformation: An Analytical Study of the Opinions of a Sample of Postgraduate Students at Saudi Universities PDF
Dr. Abdullah Ali Al-Qahtani
Knowledge Management and Its Role in Improving the Performance of Scientific Research Deanships in Saudi Universities: Delphi Study PDF
Mohammed Abdullah Alzahrani, Prof.Mohammed Amin Marghalani
The impact of Human Resources Management (development and training, motivation, performance evaluation) on achieving entrepreneurship for Public Hospital administrations in the Najran region of Saudi Arabia PDF
Ali Hadi Al Shaman, Ali Mohamed Abodrahem, Hamed Said Al Jarah, Mohamed Mana Al Mansor, Ebrahim Naser Al Shareef, Hamed Bardan, Abdullah Awath Al Farj, Ali Huseen Mohamed Al Shareef, Ebrahim Al Soier, Zahra Abdullah Al Safi, Gathah Al Shaban
Sexual Acts, in Law, Between Freedom and Criminalization PDF
Mahmoud Ismail

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