Knowledge Management and Its Role in Improving the Performance of Scientific Research Deanships in Saudi Universities: Delphi Study

Mohammed Abdullah Alzahrani, Prof.Mohammed Amin Marghalani


The aim of this study is to identifying the role of knowledge management in improving the performance of scientific research deanships in Saudi universities.

To achieve the objectives of the study, the researchers used the content analysis method to design the expert questionnaire and the Delphi method by taking the opinions of a group of experts from the scientific research deanships in Saudi universities. The study community consisted of deans and vice deans of scientific research deanships in Saudi universities, with the participation of (12) experts from (9) Saudi universities. The study reached a number of results, the most prominent of which were the following: The general weighted arithmetic mean of the knowledge management operations axis was (2.51 out of 3), with a “very important” degree. The standard deviation of the total statements of the axis was (0.38). The results also showed that the most important knowledge management processes are the process of knowledge formation, the process of applying knowledge, and the process of sharing and storing knowledge. The overall weighted arithmetic average of the axis of improving operations performance reached an arithmetic average (2.64 out of 3). The study ended up with some recommendations, namely: Including the knowledge aspect and its implementation approaches within the strategic plans and development plans of the Deanship of Scientific Research. Adopting the knowledge management method and enabling different administrative methods to transfer the Deanship of Scientific Research environment to a knowledge environment in which knowledge initiatives such as knowledge transfer and sharing with other deanships at the university are growing.


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