Sexual Acts, in Law, Between Freedom and Criminalization

Mahmoud Ismail


This research aims towards the standardized tracking of the regulation of sexual acts, defining the origin of freedom; exclusion of restriction, after the clarification of permissibility and prohibition. Regulation is the most appropriate term used when addressing the matter of freedom regarding sexual acts, noting that, this research addresses the issue of male-female relationships in a civilized societal context. Moreover, criminalizing sexual acts based on the interpretation of religious texts has two criteria: the language controls in which the text is written, keeping in mind that, interpretations may not exceed the meaning of its language; and scientific truth. On the other hand, the criminalization of sexual acts on the basis of contemporary laws must come from the law criminalizing a specific sexual act or from the judge's decision, which is considered to be a sexual act that goes against public morals, with that being said, there is no room for a third source.


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