December 2022, Volume 14, Number 2, ONGOING ISSUE

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Occupational Pressures of Medical and Nursing Staff and their Impact on the Extent of Medical Errors in government hospitals in the Najran Region PDF
Abdullrahman Monaser Al Shareef, Motared Ali Al Motared, Ahmed Asaf Al Shareef, Mohsen Saleh Al Abass, Ahmed Alhasen Al Shareef, Nabiel Al Thareian, Zaied Al Bardan, Abdullah Mohammed Al Shareef, Khaled Hadi Al Abass, Sharaf Hussen Mohammed, Tareg Abdullrahman Al Hokaimi
The Impact of Human Recourses Training and Motivation Programs on Organizational Creativity in government hospitals in the Najran region PDF
Mohammed Ali Al Shaban, Ali Hasen Mohamed Al Shareef, Hasen Mohsen Al Zowaied, Khaled Ali Al Goraia, Ali Abdullah Al Shareef, Naje Saud Al Shareef, Mohammed Ali Al Shareef, Mahdi Al Hareth, Yosef Al Shaban, Hasen Ahmed Al Mosham, Mansor Mhammed Al Bataj
The Impact of the Application of Artificial Intelligence on Decision-Making "Applied Study on Saudi Government Hospitals in Najran region" PDF
Ali Ahmed Al Makramy, Ali Fares, Ali Mahdi Al Kother, Ahmed Saleh Al Lajam, Rabie Allah Naser Al Shareef, Naser Al Hokash, Mohammed Ahmed Al Shareef, Mohammed Hasen Al Shareef, Ebrahim Saleh Al Ofir, Naif Saleh Al therian, Abdullah Ahmed Al Saleh, Hannudah Essa Alyami, Fayez Mahdi Al Rrakah, Abdullah Hasen Al Moaied
Impact of Health Insurance on Accessibility of Physical Therapy’s Patients at King Fahd Hospital of the University-AL Khobar PDF
Mohsen Saleh Alabbas, Mohammed Naja Zobad, Mohammed Al Fahad, Nasser Abdullah Alabbas, Abdullkarim Hasen
International Humanitarian Law: Dialectical Feasibility PDF
Mahmoud Ismail, Haneen Al-Mansour
French Public Order as Restriction of Arbitration Clause in the Contracts of International Commerce PDF
Mahmoud Ismail Ismail, Haneen Al-Mansour
Resolving Disputes between Domain Name and Trademark: Legal Frameworks Available PDF
Mahmoud Ismail, Laith Al-Momani

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