Ever since its inception in 2007 the American Academic & Scholarly Research Center engaged in activities that promote academic research activities and the development of joint research programs to contributes to sustainable development and optimal exploitation of global resources especially in developing countries. AASRC promotes multidisciplinary research activities and is currently encouraging research and development, innovation, knowledge transfer, building human and institutional capacity as well as providing advisory and consultation services.

AASRC Core activities:

Based on AASRC mission of conducting and encouraging scientific, practical research, implementation of joint research activities and providing consultancy services; the Center launched in 2009 its first multidisciplinary scientific journal, under the title “American Academic & Scholarly Research Journal “. The Journal is now in its sixth year and  indexed by the Library of Congress, Ulrich, ProQuest, WorldCat, Index Copernicus, Google Scholar, OpenJgate, Base, Get Cited, Cite Seer, Cable, DRGI and many other indices.

In line with the holistic approach followed by the center in paying attention to and supporting researchers all over the world, the Center has recently launched a Scientific Multilingual Journal under the ​​title ​​”International Multilingual Academic Journal” to enable researchers across the globe to publish in their native language, leading to enriching scientific publishing in several languages including “Turkish, Russian, Chinese, Farsi, Ukrainian, Arabic, Kurdish, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Uzbek, Turkmen and Azerbaijani.”

AASRC Journals are indexed, listed and included in several foreign universities, including the University of Glasgow, the University of Michigan and the University of Fukushima to name a few.

The Center activities are guided by an Advisory Council  composed of more than 85 Academicians & Professionals from more than 35 nationalities in addition to more than 500 Academicians serving as reviewers for multilingual research papers published by the center.