April 2013, Volume 5, Number 3 - Special Issue

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Anonymity and Group Task-Conflict in GDSS Supported Meetings PDF
Amer Al shishany, Jackson Adams
Why foreign investors decide to invest in a certain Romanian Development Region? PDF
Aniela Raluca Danciu
Political Jail in the Novels of Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four, al-Ghitani's Zayni Barakat, Munif’s East of the Mediterranean, and Coetzee's Waiting for the Barbarians: A Comparative Study PDF
Ayah H. Wakkad
The Impact of Intellectual Capital on Jordanian Telecommunication Companies' Business Performance PDF
Abdel-Aziz Ahmad Sharabati, Abdul-Naser Ibrahim Nour, Nasser Sajid Shamari
The Effect of Barkley’s Behavior Management Principles on a child with ADHD in a Lebanese inclusive classroom: A case study PDF
Ghenwa Assi, Ahmad Oweini
Collaborative learning in English for specific purposes courses: Effectiveness and students’ attitudes towards it PDF
Najwa Saba ‘Ayon
The Effect of Using Distance Measures in Image Processing Systems PDF
Waleed Abdullah Araheemah AL-Elayawi, Nazar Mostafa J. ALsarraf
A Structural Analysis of Variations in African American and Non-Hispanic White Children’s Health Care Utilization PDF
Godwin S. Ashiabi
Attitude towards business ethics after the Arab Spring: Influence of Religiosity, Gender and Political Affiliatio PDF
Heyam Loutfi ElZein
Convoluted Frequency Selective Surface Wallpaper to Block the Industrial, Scientific, and Medical Radio Bands Inside Buildings PDF
Hussein AlKayyali, Nidal Qasem
Similarity Measures for Classical Arabic Poetry Ranking PDF
Iqbal A. Mohammed
Testing Delone and Mclean’s Model in Financial Institutions PDF
Ismail M. Romi
A fuzzy numbers approach for analyzing OECD well- being PDF
Yu-Chien Ko, Ismail Salamah, Yao-Yi Huang
Packaged software implementation as requirements engineering practices at SMSDCs PDF
Issam Jebreen, Robert Wellington
Human Resource Planning in the Telecommunication Industry PDF
Khaled Banyhamdan
E-participation and Innovations for European Higher Education Institutions PDF
Koloman Ivanička, Juraj Tomlain
The Influence of Business Ethics on Lebanese University Students: Can Business Ethics Be Learned? PDF
Mira M. Alameddine
Innovation Outsourcing and Knowledge Transfer PDF
Mungofa Francis Manzira, Willard Munyoka
Examining Results and Establishing Benchmark Data from the TOEFL ITP Test PDF
Rosalind Warfield, Rachel Laribee, Roger W. Geyer
The Impact of Sectarianism and Intolerance on the Workplace in Lebanon PDF
Sadika Kebbi
Positive and negative impact of technology and information revolution on compiling the dictionary PDF
Sameer Naser Olimat
Infertility and Assisted Reproductive Technologies In Jordan A Social Study PDF
Suha Issam Alkhaldi
The Impact of Information Technology and Social Networks in the Integrated Marketing Communication Process for Products and Services PDF
Sarah B. Swidan, Ahmed F. Hassaballah
Business Continuity Based on RFID PDF
Waleed K. A. Abdulrahem, Hebah H. O. Nasereddin, Said M. H. Fares
Self-image to child abuse and family violence PDF
Wasan Naser Alaubaide
Proposed Data Hiding Technique – Text under Text PDF
Yaman F. Abdullah, Hebah H. O. Nasereddin
New Facets of Culture and the Arts Within the Nowadays World of Information Systems and New Technology PDF
Maria Tajtakova
Business Continuity Based on Backup PDF
Ghazi K. AL-Abed, Hebah H. O. Nasereddin
Data retrieval for lookup in p2p DHT-base System PDF
Intelligent detection and control for environmental noise pollution PDF
Mohamed Mostafa M. Fouad, Nashwa El-Bendary
Data Mining in Equipment of Parked Vehicles PDF
Improve And Extension Traffic Light At Intersections PDF
A survey of probabilistic reliability calculation for computer communication networks PDF
Musaria K. Mahmood, Sufyan H. Ali, Jamal I. Abdul Baki
Business Intelligence in the Mobile Era PDF
Samer Barakat
Touristic public management potential and challenges, Case of Souss Massa Draa region - Morocco PDF
Ghizlane Amajid, Malika Souaf, Youssef Elwazani
Exploring the Relationship between Quality Orientation, New Services Development and Organizational Performance PDF
Laith Alrubaiee, Haithem Al Zuobi, Rima Abu-Alwafa

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