Reviewing the literature from 2004 to 2023: On How to investment open-source intelligence tools (Osint) in the knowledge economy Literature of the subject

Mohammed Ogab Mohammed ALharthi


The current study aimed to review the literature from 2004 to 2023 AD to uncover studies and research that addressed how to effectively invest in open-source intelligence tools (Osint) in the knowledge economy. The study reached several results, The most important of which is that information becomes more valuable the higher it is ranked, creating a closed system that values ​​the preservation of secrets more than the accumulation of publicly available knowledge. Open source intelligence has also been more useful than traditional intelligence from the Cold War until today, as it is useful in all fields, not just military, Social and economic development based on competition and measuring progress through knowledge gathered through open intelligence reflects positively on the development of armies and not the other way around. Also, in light of the spread of technologies and communications, development is fundamentally linked in all fields to knowledge and information collected through... the Osint Road.

From the presentation of studies, all studies emphasized the importance of investing in open source intelligence tools (Osint) in order to build strong and competitive knowledge economic systems. The study also attempted to fill the gap in studies that addressed the subject of the study.



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