Comparing business intelligence systems in the information environment Analytical study on Microsoft Power BI and Oracle Analytics

Eman Mohammad Al-Faifi, Areej Sa'd Al-Juhani


The study revolves around business intelligence systems and their importance, and due to the rapid changes in business environments in the data they store and produce, and the intensification of competition, the study aims to analyze and compare the two business intelligence systems that are considered. The most popular and most widely used in this era (Oracle Analytics, Microsoft Power BI), which collect, monitor, and analyze enterprise data for the enterprise. The study also identified the objectives that lie in defining business intelligence systems, their importance, and functions, and defining a number of criteria for evaluating business intelligence systems, and then comparing and analyzing these two systems and determining the availability of criteria presented in business intelligence systems in with them. The study was approved to achieve these goals on the comparative

approach, and the descriptive analytical approach for its relevance to achieving the results of the study represented in achieving the system of 97% in the first criterion compared to Oracle analyzes only, it was 85%. And the second criterion of data management, Power B achieved 89%, while Oracle Analytics 82%. The third criterion was about cloud computing. Power B achieved 92%, while Oracle Analytics achieved 86%. As for the last criterion, which was related to support and customer service, Power B achieved 84%, while the other system achieved 57%. The study showed the development of Microsoft in all four criteria by a small percentage, except for the last criterion. The discrepancy was rather large, and the total percentage in all criteria for Microsoft Power B was 89%, while its counterpart was 75%


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