Protection of personal information using the two-factor authentication feature from the point of view of users of Google and Facebook services

Mohammed Abdulwahab A. Al-Ahmadi, Dr. Maher Mohsen Saleh Faqeha


A feeling of security and reassurance is one of the ways of comfort in our lives, and a feeling of security includes all aspects of life, starting from protecting oneself and presentation, even protecting the name and identity. To achieve this feeling of security, we must protect ourselves and our properties, including our personal information. One of the advantages offered by some Internet service companies, and the study aimed to reveal the effectiveness of two-factor authentication in protecting personal information from the point of view of a sample of users of Google and Facebook services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and to educate them about how to protect their data and secure their information against electronic intrusion, and to show how to protect Principles and legislation for personal information in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. To achieve the objective of the study, the researcher used the quantitative approach for its relevance to the subject of the study by addressing the protection of personal information and two-factor authentication and by using statistical methods to analyze the responses of the study sample members of the users of Google and Facebook, then the researcher analyzed the responses using different statistical methods in the SPSS 23.

The study resulted in several results, the most important of which are: the feeling of the study sample members of Google and Facebook users of privacy and the security of their personal accounts at an average level, their high sense of privacy and security online in general, and also their appreciation of the role of the state in protecting personal data, in addition to the effectiveness of the two-factor authentication feature in protecting personal information.

In the end, the researcher recommended the importance of carrying out multiple studies and research on the application of various features of technological innovations to protect personal information and increase the level of privacy, and to direct those interested in technical fields to develop new techniques to protect privacy by filling the gaps that may be in the current technologies, and educating Internet and smartphone users of the need Protecting their personal information and not disclosing it to others, activating the media and social media to raise awareness against the dangers of lack of privacy, the circulation of personal information, and the use of real personal data on those sites, and activating the role of schools, universities and educational institutions to educate children and youth against the dangers of using the Internet, and the need to monitor them to God Almighty. In all their actions, and in how they use the Internet.


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