The reality of knowledge sharing in an international business organization in the field of consulting: Case Study

Bandar Abdullah, Abdulrahman Alqarni


Knowledge sharing and international business are the two terms appearing in an era when global trade has expanded with the amount and acceleration of technology and information. This study was aimed to study the reality of knowledge sharing in international business institutions in the field of consulting by applying a case study of one international institutions in the field of consulting.

           This study explains the reality of knowledge sharing in the above institution that depend on their work on knowledge as a basic pillar for the progress and excellence in consulting at various levels of countries, governments, educational, economic, entertainment institutions, and other sectors.

            The questionnaire was prepared, and a set of conclusions were drawn about the reality of the practice of knowledge sharing, the impact of knowledge sharing, and the facilities provided by the International Consulting Corporations to support knowledge sharing. Additionally, challenges prevent knowledge sharing were also investigated and studied. Study was also conducted to explore any actual applied model for knowledge sharing with the set of recommendations by adopting application of knowledge sharing as an entry point for developing and improving individual and institutional performances.

            This study will bring many benefits to the above institutions; the most important ones are: increasing their ability to adapt to the changes taking place in their surroundings, increasing their ability to meet the needs of the surrounding community, increasing their creativity and innovation capabilities, making good investment of information and knowledge acquired by the employees and making them valuable through their participation and opinions. Besides, creating information bases in which all the information about various aspects of performance in the institution will be collected and preserved, provide information about the outputs of these international institutions, enabling them to identify the needs of the labor market and provide qualified and skilled workforce.


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