Information management strategies in higher education institutions Case Study on King Abdulaziz University

Mnna'a Othman Motheeb AL-katheeri, Dr. Mohammed Amin Marghalani


The study aimed to identify information management strategies in higher education institutions, King Abdulaziz University as a model. The study followed the descriptive approach through the case study. The study sample consisted of (15) deans of the independent colleges and deanships at King Abdulaziz University, with a percentage of (50%) of the population, and the most prominent results of the study were: the implementing management strategies information requirements at King Abdulaziz University, is high, with an average of (3.37) and a standard deviation of (0.41). The academic leaders at King Abdulaziz University attitude towards the implementing of information management strategies were high, with an average of (3.15), and it was found that the estimation of obstacles that limit the implementing of information management strategies also came to a high degree, with an average of (2.85). The results also showed that there were no statistically significant differences at (0.05) in the responses of the study sample about the requirements for applying information management strategies due to the variables (years of experience in university education, college and academic degree), while there are differences in the areas of internal communication, rewards and incentives, due to the difference (academic degree) in favor of The associate professor versus the professor, and the study recommended the necessity of activating the use of information management strategies in the university deanships, providing the appropriate systems for him, and updating the university's systems to accommodate that.


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