A comparative study between archiving programs from the perspective of producing companies

Mashael Nawab, Kholoud Al-Zahrani, Amjaad Al-Juhani


Electronic archiving programs have different features and characteristics. There are programs concerned with large companies and others for medium companies as well as for small companies, which necessitates conducting a study to compare these types and to know the similarities and differences between the programs. Hence the main objective of this study is to identify the electronic archiving programs and to know the similarities and differences between these programs from the perspective of the company producing them. The study concluded with many results, the most important of which are: iDOX, Laserfiche, DOCUWARE, EASY DOCS are characterized by the availability of a digital signature, DOCUWARE, IDOX have a full-text indexing system, IDOX, ArcMate Enterprise, EASY DOCS support many languages, including Arabic, The study recommended conducting more research in the field of electronic archiving and the necessity of identifying the appropriate types of programs that suit each company or institution, conducting more comparative studies between electronic archiving programs to strive to develop them and to make the most of their advantages.


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