Users' perceptions of intellectual property protection techniques in digital repositories

Essam Eid Ahmed Al-Juhani, Dr. Maher Mohsen Saleh Faqeha


The intellectual right is of great importance. Countries are constantly striving to develop modern and advanced technologies to protect it, which is what this study came to address, as the study problem dealt with users’ perceptions of intellectual property techniques in digital repositories, and the study aimed to protect intellectual property techniques in digital repositories, and attention to users’ perceptions For digital repositories in the mechanisms of protecting intellectual property techniques, and the possibility of preserving intellectual property in digital repositories. To achieve the goal of the study, the researcher used the descriptive analytical approach to describe the importance of digital repositories, analyze the methods of their use, analyze users' perceptions through a questionnaire distributed to (105) users of digital repositories, and analyze the responses using various statistical methods in the SPSS statistical package.

The study resulted in several results, the most important of which are: The study sample members resorted largely to the use of open digital repositories compared to non-open repositories that use techniques to protect intellectual property rights There is a great interest on the part of the study sample members to access literature and publications for academic purposes, that digital repositories Not open hinders researchers looking for scientific sources from accessing the publications they need, which is what the researchers faced while working on this study.

In the end, the researchers recommended the need to work on raising the level of awareness of individuals about the need to follow the rules of intellectual property protection in digital repositories in universities to preserve respect for the rights of individuals and protect their interests, and to encourage individuals to provide innovative methods and solutions that contribute to overcoming the difficulties facing the use of students in public education. of digital repositories, and work to encourage researchers to conduct more studies and research related to intellectual property, how to protect it and ways in which the rights of thinkers, scientists and inventors can be preserved.


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