Measuring the impact of the quality of electronic banking services on customer satisfaction: a case study: Al-Rajhi Bank

Nora Muhammad Al-Khorayef, Yasmine Nayef Al-Rahili


The emergence of the Internet is one of the most important technological revolutions in the modern era in the market or communication with consumers, due to its low cost and rapid spread compared to similar traditional means. In this context, the rates of providing electronic services to consumers have spread and increased, as electronic services allow the consumer to interact with the product through modern technical tools and means, which makes the electronic service become more effective and efficient compared to its traditional counterpart. Since the banking sector is one of the most important sectors and economic elements within the country, there is a trend towards digitizing banking services, by providing the opportunity for bank customers to implement their services and financial and non-financial transactions electronically.

In light of the above, this research study aims to assess the level of quality of electronic banking services on customer satisfaction, through a case study at Al Rajhi Bank. To achieve this goal, the descriptive approach and the case study approach were used to prepare the study. In addition to using the electronic questionnaire as a tool for collecting data from the study sample members. In addition to the use of descriptive analysis methods (frequencies, and percentages) to analyze the data that were represented in the responses of the study sample members, as the sample consisted of (130) individuals from Al-Rajhi Bank.

Several results have been reached, most notably the presence of a high degree of approval among the members of the study sample, Al Rajhi Bank customers, about the level of quality and effectiveness of the banking services provided by the bank to customers in terms of (ease of use of electronic banking services, speed and flexibility in response, degree of security of electronic banking services, degree of confidentiality). electronic banking services). The results also showed a high level of satisfaction among Al Rajhi Bank customers.

In light of these results, the researcher made several recommendations, the most important of which are: Providing an electronic guide for customers that explains how to deal with the bank's website in a simple manner. Increasing the speed of responding to customer inquiries related to various electronic banking services. Promote concern for the privacy and confidentiality of clients' personal information.


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