Knowledge Management and Achieving Competitive Advantage A Qualitative Review of Research Literature and Research Trends

Sultan Obaid Alayadi, Prof. Mohammed Amin Marghalani


The study aims at identifying the importance and objectives of knowledge management and competitive advantage in business organizations and the employment of knowledge management processes in business management organizations. As well, it seeks to highlight the role that knowledge management processes play in achieving competitive advantage in business organizations. The researchers used the documentary method by revising the previous studies production. Thus, after reviewing this research literature, the researchers ended up, through their findings and conclusions, a set of recommendations that help achieving competitive advantage through knowledge management. Namely, the researchers stressed the need to provide knowledge management processes in public and private sectors because of their vital role in the competitive advantage in the world of knowledge and informatics. As well, it is necessary to enhance the capabilities of employees and allow them to be creative, innovative and free to act on the issues they face during the exercise of their tasks. Finally, there is a need to work on developing strategic plans to employ the knowledge possessed by business management organizations in order to improve their practical capabilities.


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