Artificial Intelligence and its impact on enterprise decision-making

Abdel Moneim bin Yassin Al-Shehri


Expert systems are one of the most important applications of artificial intelligence, which is used in many educational technology researches to solve many problems, and artificial intelligence is one of the branches of computer science, which mainly depends on the idea of ​​induction and inference. Expert systems are smart educational programs that can be used in solving practical education problems facing students, teachers, and help them solve these problems and the ability to make sound decisions. The current study aimed to clarify the relationship between artificial intelligence, "expert systems" and the decision-making process. Building and components of expert systems based on knowledge management. The study reached a set of results, the most important of which is that information is one of the strategic resources in any administrative apparatus, as many basic operations cannot be performed, or a decision taken without relying on information. The study also concluded the superiority of artificial intelligence "expert systems" over traditional information systems and made a set of recommendations, including the need to start using artificial intelligence techniques to improve the efficiency of services and products and accelerate the creation of training programs to build smart systems in industrial, commercial and educational institutions.


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