The Contents of Electronic Archive Files and their Protection Measures: A Critical Review Study

Afraa Ali Al-Marr


In view of the large and increasing risks to information security, privacy and copyright, it was necessary to find and develop technical and legislative solutions that guarantee the security of documents and digital files, whether circulated, published or archived. In the past few years, several solutions have been developed to provide the maximum possible level of protection for data, files and digital repositories. Each of these solutions had qualitative, competitive and specialized advantages, but on the other hand some of them had some drawbacks, whether in terms of efficiency or the possibility of wide application or their impact on the quality and effectiveness of scientific participation, publishing transparency and property rights. We are well aware of the impact of fear of the dangers of privacy, theft, plagiarism, quotation and disruptive piracy on the level of scientific participation and the scientific research movement in general. This leads researchers around the world to try to develop solutions that combine cybersecurity with the effectiveness of publishing and sharing.

This research paper aims to study and analyze some of the currently used methods in the protection and security of digital files and documents, discuss the feasibility, effectiveness and flexibility of each of them, and come up with the best methods, tools and practices that guarantee the security of digital files. And this is through the critical scientific method of some studies that have dealt with these methods, especially recent studies, because progress in this field is very fast. Hardly a few months pass without us finding new systems and tools that have been developed in the field of information security and have canceled or modified what preceded them. We have reached some important results, which we will detail at the end of this paper, but it is worth noting here the most important of these results. Such as the seriousness of the threats facing stored and circulating documents, to the national security of each country, to the scientific research movement, as well as to the confidentiality and privacy of data. Several aspects as well as comprehensive solutions for securing digital documents.



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