Scientific Cases of File Systems and Indexes: A Survey of Problems, Difficulties and Proposals for Treatment

Wadha Ibrahim Hassan Al-Harbi


Automated systems for libraries are one of the effective tools through which libraries achieve the desired goals, so interest in information and ways to deal with it has become the most important concern of our time, and the success of libraries and information centers is linked to the success of the information service provided and its existence, and with technological developments that led to radical changes in indexing, which turned into a system. An index to which most libraries have suffered from application and use problems. These problems have been divided into human problems, financial problems and technical problems with the presentation of the most prominent automated systems contained in the studies selected for the subject of the scientific paper, including the system (Nama System - Koha System - Horizon System - Dubis Labis System - Menezes System) ). This work was presented as a result of observing many of the problems and difficulties faced by the beneficiaries in their use of the automated systems and standing on the most prominent problems of implementing the automated system for libraries and information centers, clarifying the most prominent automated systems used by libraries and information centers and working on recommending the adoption of an automated system with high technical and administrative specifications.

The researcher prepared this scientific paper entitled "Scientific Cases of File Systems and Indexes, a Survey Study on Problems, Difficulties and Treatment Proposals" to clarify the most prominent features of the automated systems applied in public university libraries and information centers and summarize them as much as possible, and as he hoped to be a reference for various libraries and information centers that aspire to use the system. Index that has high specifications, quality and speed in the delivery of information, the paper aimed to identify the difficulties and problems faced by the community of beneficiaries for their use of automated systems and the problems of application of automated systems and to identify the most prominent automated system that has high features, quality and efficiency of a high nature, and the researcher used the evaluation approach Among the most prominent results of the paper: Classifying the problems of applying automatic systems into three problems, represented by human, technical and financial problems, in order to reach the most major problems that studies have gathered as they represent the first challenge in the application of automated systems, which are human problems, followed by financial problems and finally technical problems, as recommended. The research paper b: Identifying problems and Obstacles facing the application of automated systems, knowing how to deal with them, increasing the experience of employees and senior management in the field of automatic indexing, and working on developing statistical devices and executive bodies in preparing, organizing and reviewing the necessary data and information, the need for libraries and information centers to create new automated systems to keep pace with the continuous technical developments.


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