Obstacles of the Application of Computerized Information Systems in Different Institutions: A Survey Study

Reham Saud Al-Boushi, Reem Abdel-Aziz Abdel-Bari, Wadha Ibrahim Al-Harbi


Computerized information systems are considered one of the most important informational systems in decision-making based on standard information and statistical results, without which it is difficult to make and take decisions, in addition to that the information system depends on analyzing problems and identifying appropriate alternatives to solve them. It also provides a database for the activities of the organization and the surrounding environment to support Decision-makers, but computerized information systems may face obstacles that prevent their application or impede their activation, which affects the advantages of this technology in various fields, and this results in many damages, problems and delays in work, which constitutes harm to individuals and institutions alike, and from this point of view. Researchers have prepared this scientific paper entitled "Obstacles to the Application of Computerized Information Systems in Various Institutions" based on the needs of institutions and companies for scientific information and statistics applied to a selected sample of the public and to clarify the most prominent obstacles that may face computerized systems and work to summarize them as much as possible, and we hope that they will be A reference for sectors that aspire to use computerized information systems. The paper aimed to identify the obstacles to the application of information systems. The researchers used the critical evaluation method, and among the most prominent results of the paper: The obstacles to applying the computerized information system were classified into five main obstacles, represented by the human, technological, material, organizational and environmental obstacles, in order to reach the most basic obstacles that the studies have met as they represent The first challenge in implementing the information system is the human obstacles. The paper recommended the following: The necessity of identifying the challenges facing the application of information systems and knowing the methods of addressing the obstacles to the application of information systems, developing the techniques of information systems and conducting future studies aimed at avoiding facing obstacles to the application of information systems..



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