Modern Technologies and their Impact on Electronic Archiving: An Analytical Study

Norah Abdullah Al-Zahrani


The archive is of great importance to institutions and organizations because it contains documents and documents that represent the history of these institutions and the stages of their construction and development, and their knowledge balance on which they base their decisions and draw their strategies, so the process of archiving documents and documents has received great attention by institutions and organizations, and information technology had its effect on the process. Archiving has passed the traditional archiving to the use of computerized systems to manage electronic documents, but its requirements and costs constitute a challenge and a burden for some institutions, so this scientific paper aims to highlight cloud computing as the most important modern technology techniques to adopt electronic document management systems and to identify the advantages that it adds and the solutions provided by this technology to the process. electronic archive. As well as shedding light on machine learning technology and its impact on electronic document management systems. The paper relied on the method of critical evaluation to extract and analyze information from intellectual production on the subject of modern technologies used in electronic archiving. Among the most important findings of the paper: The most important modern technologies affecting the electronic archiving process that the studies dealt with are cloud computing technology and machine learning algorithms technology. Cloud archiving technology has contributed to the development and transfer of electronic archiving systems, a quantum leap and addressed the challenges and problems of on-premises electronic document management systems. Machine learning technology has also enabled the automation of electronic document management systems interfaces based on the user's individual features, giving the user a unique interactive experience with the system. The studies focused on the advantages offered by technology to the electronic archiving process more than clarifying the challenges and difficulties that it addressed.

This paper recommends the necessity of conducting experimental studies or case studies to identify institutions and organizations that have adopted cloud computing technology for electronic document management systems and measure the extent of the impact of this technology on the process of archiving electronic documents and identify the challenges and difficulties they faced and how they were overcome, as well as knowledge of companies that provide cloud services and privileges. They provide to institutions and organizations. It also recommends expanding the study of the impact of machine learning technology on electronic archiving and what are the advantages that can be offered through this technology.




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