Knowledge management maturity model Analytical study

Ahmed H Althuhaibi, Mohammad J Arif b


This study sought to identify the measurement of maturity for knowledge management in the business environment and determine maturity levels and highlighted the areas that must be measured to identify the level of application of the organization for knowledge management models The study curriculum content analysis was used with reference to the production of the intellectual has been reviewed by the study (16) study presented his proposal to measure maturity in the application of knowledge management models and concluded the study that the majority of the models define five main levels of maturity (initial - awareness - definition - Management - Continuous Improvement), The study also concluded that there are five key aspects measured more maturity models (Process - Human Resources - Information Technology - strategic - organizational culture) study recommended more Arabic study in this field km study recommended to work on the development of the maturity of Arabic to measure the application of knowledge management model Arab business environment


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