The Reality Of Knowledge Sharing Using Enterprise Social Networks in Business Organizations : A Case Study of Saudi Airlines Aviation Company



The study aimed to explore the reality of using enterprise social networks (ESN) in knowledge sharing in private sector a case study  of Saudi Airlines aviation company, furthermore the study aimed to identify the roles impact such as the organizational culture , intercultural capital ,social capital and technology role ,Also the research aims to identify the most serious obstacles in using ESN in knowledge sharing. To fulfill these objectives the descriptive analytical method is used in this study, where the researcher used the questionnaire to collect primary data through direct questions and inquiries. The study population consisted of Saudi Airlines aviation company reached (14000) employee, and researcher selected a simple random sample of the total overall society for the study size was (1202) employee of the total community individual. The study concluded that the results of the study concluded  the knowledge sharing reality through the ESN  is in positive condition and available in high degree, the study also pointed that the four factors  mentioned above need to be taken in the confederation for ESN knowledge sharing development .The study also showed  number of ESN user to reach to 75% of current employee and no current authorize access for  retired employee  ,Also found lack of staff awareness and workshop programs among company ESN and it is benefit in knowledge sharing .Also the research found no staff knowledge sharing awarding program and lack of using the ESN as training and education tool , The study results also  revealed that the technologies obstacles is very low , Finally research found no intensive management engorgement among knowledge sharing in ESN. The main recommendations of  the  research that need to increase  ESN number of users , knowledge sharing awarding program should be in place ,Higher and line  managers should  encourage all staff  among ESN knowledge sharing , setting up company ESN strategy and user guide .and the research suggested the company to facilitate ESN access to retiree to utilize works experience , ESN need  ,The researcher also  recommended further studies on the subject as there is scarcity in such studies in Arabic.


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