PSS and STATCOM Controller Design Using Fuzzy Logic Controller and Teaching-Learning Based Optimization

Ahmad Rouhani, Mahmood Joorabian, S.Saeedollah Mortazavic


STATCOM is one of the most significant devices in FACTS technology which is used in parallel compensation, enhancing the transient stability, limiting the low frequency oscillations and etc. designing a proper controller is effective in operation of STATCOM. In this paper a method is presented for the design of STATCOM and Power System Stabilizer (PSS) controllers in order to enhance the damping of the low frequency oscillations in power systems. The equations that describe the proposed system have been linearized and a Fuzzy Logic Controller (FLC) has been designed for the PSS. Then, the Teaching-Learning Based Optimization (TLBO) is employed to search for the optimal STATCOM controller parameters. The proposed controllers are evaluated on a single machine infinite bus power system with the STATCOM installed in the midpoint of the transmission line. Moreover, a system performance analysis under different operating conditions and some performance indices studies show the effectiveness of the proposed controller.


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