Representation of Girls in The Case of Ayşe Polat’s “En Garde” Movie

Emine Uçar İlbuğa


Ayşe Polat usually mentions migration and immigrants in her films. However the identification process, growing problems, different oriantations, impropriety, rootness, capability of being everywhere at the same time, gender roles, existence problems, loves, daily lives, expectations, dreams of the young immigrant individuals are not presented as an absoulte problem in her films. “En Garde” movie which was directed by Ayşe Polat and won Silver Leopard Award in Locarno Film Festival will be analysed in this study.
The film is about Berivan who takes refuge in Germany with her family. Berivan loses her family in an accident, begins to stay in a catholic hospice and then she meets Alice who is 16 years old. The film also mentions friendship between two girls, concern for the future of both of them, their daily life problems, lonelinesses and their solidarity with
each other in the process of existence struggles.


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