An Assessment on The Future of Ongoing Turkish- Russian Relations: “Clash of Interests or Convergence of Interests”

Sina Kısacık, Furkan Kaya


Several civilizations have taken place throughout the history of Eurasian region. Greatstruggles have occurred as well as great alliances have been set up among them. Within thatframework, one of the important affiliations has been between the Turks and Russians. Theyhave confronted almost two hundred centuries during the Ottoman Empire and TsardomRussia. During the Cold War, the relations have been at its lowest level due to the ideologicalclashes. But in the post-Cold War, Ankara and Moscow have tried to establish a uniquerelationship. Especially after the coming into the power of Vladimir Putin in RussianFederation and Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Turkey at the beginnings of 2000s, they haveintensively been working to bring this relationship into a multidimensional one by defining itas a strategic alliance. Very different outlooks on recent Ukraine and Syria Crises increase thetensions between them. On other hand, one should remember that they have an increasinginterdependence to each other in various fields. The fate of Ukraine and Syrian Crises will bethe decisive factor both on the future of Ankara-Moscow relations and these two capitals’relations with their allies in the next years.


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