Barriers of Knowledge Acquisition in Telecommunications Companies in Saudi Arabia: An Exploratory Study on Etihad Etisalat Mobily

Mohammad Moeed Al-Harithy


This research highlights accurately scientifically on knowledge acquisition obstaclesin communication companies and especially on Saudi Mobily communication union company,then the study aims to identify important obstacles that faced officials, it determines theiracquiring necessary knowledge to practice their business and to provide the necessaryrecommendations for the company to limit these obstacles. These obstacles divided in to threepivots, technological, human and organizational obstacles, whereof every pivot has a numberof connected obstacles. Thus, the researcher used descriptive curriculum to treat this researchproblem and he used the questionnaire in this study for its suitability to such this explorativestudies, for examined number of 80 word.The researcher concludes via statistical analysis that human side is the important obstacle ofknowledge acquisition generally in the first grade, he highlights this greatly in the first pivot(frightened of losing positions by the managers, lead the officials to non-participation inknowledge, which they are distinct in other than others). It followed by (there is no helping byexperts for the officials) then (an existence of feeling of functional security in the company).


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