A Meta-Model Proposal For Graph Transformation as Part of Business Process Reengineering Projects

Leila Jamel Menzli, Raja Hanafi


The model-driven engineering (MDE) has several significant improvements in the development of complex systems to focus on a more abstract than conventional programming concern. It is a form of generative engineering in which all or part of an application is generated from the model. Substantial improvements are of  highlighted  in the development of complex software systems by providing the means to move from one abstraction level to another or from one workspace to another. However, the management models can be cumbersome and costly. To better meet the expectations of users, it is necessary to provide flexible and reliable tools for the automatic management of models and languages dedicated to their transformations. For this reason the transformation of models is at the heart of IDM, indeed several model transformations languages, approaches, and frameworks are generated in recent years specially graph model transformations. The aim of this paper is to propose a meta-model in order to integrate semantic knowledge about graph transformation in Business Process Reengineering Projects.


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