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The purpose of this paper is to research and to emphasize the reasons of the genocide that took place at Khojali in 1992 and as well as to show the real aim underlying these mass killings.

Armenians do also have a "Great Idea" or "Great Dream" called Great Arme-nia or United Armenia, same as the Greek world's "Megali Idea", consisting of rebuilding the Byzantium Empire on Anatolian soil, to west part of the line connecting Samsun to Alexandria spanning upt o Aegean Sea, including soils of Macedonia and Albania in the Balkans and all the islands in the Aegean Sea and around Greece.

Eastern parts of Turkey and some territories adjacent to today's Armenia con-stitutes this Great Armenia or United Armenia dream.

This ideal and the submission which was kept alive to be realized one day, al-most for the last 3 centuries caused the blood and tears of millions and contin-ues still today.

Although the policy of Tzar Peter the Great, which was formed around 18th Century, to reach hot waters,seems transfigured, for the time being it is still popular and valid in a rather different pattern and procedure.

The invasion of Ossetia and Abkhazia by the Russian Federation in 2008 and annexing some parts of Ukraine based on the decision taken by the Crimean Parliament, are actually the steps towards realization of Tzar Peter the Great's policy to reach hot waters.

Now the time has come to cut off some land from Turkey.

Although the members of the Politburo of the Union of Soviet Socialist Repub-lics who dared to claim officially Kars and Ardahan provinces of Turkey on June 8, 1945, already passed away, their successors have a positive look on to the Armenian dream and support the idea.


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