Nov 2014, Volume 6, Number 6 - AASRJ Issue

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Mathematical Modeling and to carry out a prototype helpmate differential drive robot for hospital purpose PDF
Dewan Mohammed Abdul Ahad, Amzad Ali Sarkar, Mohammad Abdul Mannan
On soft Heine-Borel theorem PDF
Majd Hamid Mahmood
Site layout planning and Sensitivity of Energy Performance PDF
Mohamed Ali Milad Krem, Simi T. Hoque, Sanjay R. Arwade, Benjamin S. Weil
Comparison of Rectangular and Circular Microstrip Fed Patch Antennas at 5.76 GHz PDF
Mohammad Monirujjaman Khan, A. K. M Monsurul Alam, Ratil Hasnat Ashique
Performance Analysis of Red, Blue and Green OLED Spectrum PDF
Ebad Zahir, Nazrul Islam Shawn, Farhan Rabbi Shahji, MD. Waliur Rahman Khan
Antimicrobial activity of Plumbago zeylanica plant extracts and its application in water and laboratory disinfection PDF
Ayoade A. Adegbite, Abdulazeez A, Adebanjo, A.M Yusuf-Babatunde, Obafemi A.Solesi, Risikat A. Sowole

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