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AASRJ is inviting papers for Vol. 7 No. 3 which is scheduled to be published on May 31, 2015.

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March 2015, Volume 7, Number 2 - AASRJ Issue

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Islamic spiritualism in the modern times (the study of thought of Seyyed Hossein Nasr) PDF
Muhammad Zaki, Ana Rosyidatu Umatin
Effect of different seed treatment methods on the germination of Senna obtusifolia in Sudan savanna ecosystem, Nigeria PDF
Türkiye’deki kamu ve özel tüm kurum ve kuruluşların e-dönüşümde karşılaştıkları temel sorunlar PDF
Mehmet Emin AKKAYA
The Impact of Code of Medical Ethics on Health Service Quality among Physicians at Saudi Hospitals of Jeddah PDF
Saeed Abdulrahman Alqahtani, Ala'Eddin Mohammad Khalaf Ahmad, Omar Zayyan Alsharqi, Dalia Abdullah Qalai
An evaluation of most popular open source content management systems PDF
Samer M. Barakat
Theories Governing NGO-Operations: A Bangladesh Perspective PDF
Sheikh Shamim Hasnain
Semantic Web Design and Programming Constraints in Arabic: Exploratory Study PDF
Khalil Yaghi, Hana’a Mahdi
Taxonomies of Knowledge Transfer Revisited: Towards A New Approach PDF
Sheikh Shamim Hasnain
Recognize the latent menaces in construction projects: An empirical study in construction sector in Jeddah, KSA PDF
Salem S. Humaidan
A comparative study of current practice to appoint head teachers in England and the USA PDF
Mohammed S. Barjjash
Design of an Ultra Wide Band (UWB) Antenna and its Performance Analysis at the on and off Body Environment PDF
Md. Ashif Islam Oni, Shahriar Hasan Shehab, S.M. Reza Khurshid, Md. Badruzzaman --, Shuvashis Dey

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