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AASRJ is inviting papers for Vol. 8 No. 6 which is scheduled to be published on Nov 30, 2016.

Professors from world’s 50 underdeveloped countries shall publish their articles at a reduced fee of $ 75 USD. PhD students and Masters holders from these countries are also welcome to publish their articles with the AASRJ at a reduced fee of $ 50 USD.

Registration is Closed. Please click here to submit your paper for review. Or by Email at:

Authors can request a copy of their published papers by email at Please include your Paper Title, Author Name, Volume Number and Date.

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Dec 2016, Volume 8, Number 6 special issue

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Image Segmentation using Weighted K-Means Clustering on RGB-D Data PDF
Mehmet Hakan DURAK
Evaluating the Actual Situation of Information Systems Security in Technical Colleges in KSA and Ways to Improve it PDF
Mohammad Fhaid Alharby
An Evaluation of Cloud Computing among Technical Colleges in Saudi Arabia PDF
Awad Saleh Alharbi
Communication economics: A genius view with Veblen PDF
Ilkben Akansela
Author and Authorship: a Barthes-Foucauldian Plural Perspective PDF
Hassan Rouhvand
Indigenous coping mechanisms in managing multihazard risks of cyclone: a case study on santa village in Khulna district PDF
Md. Sohel Ranaa, Md. Abu Saeed Al Azad
Dr.Sulaiman Al-Alsheikh, Awad Saleh Alharbi
The Impact of Management Development on Job Performance A Case Study on the Department of Agriculture in the City of Al Ain , UAE PDF
Dr.Khaled M.AIgaribeh, Dr.Ayman AL armouti
I not in Communion with Self: Subjectivity in Auster’s City of Glass, Ghosts and The Locked Room PDF
Hassan Rouhvand
The Impact of E-Services on the Development of Administrative Work of TVTC PDF
Abdulrahman N. Alseqyani, Nasser A. Kadasah
Field and Loading Unit Analysis of Vertical Pressure Distribution on Highway Sublayers PDF
T.Kütük-Sert Kütük-Sert, A. Gürbüz Gürbüz, M. V. Akpinar Akpinar
Technology used in furniture and sawmill microsized enterprises in terms of machine attributes PDF
Yener Top, Hakan Adanur, Mehmet Öz
New view of multisets relations PDF
M.S. El-Azab, M. Shokry, R.A. Abo khadra
Dispute in Aegean Sea: Ownership of Islets and Rocks PDF
Ata Atun
The Effect of Desire and Emotions on Consumer Behavior: An Explanatory Study PDF
Izem Zeynep Bulut

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