American Academic & Scholarly Research Center (AASRC) is devoted to the continuing advancements of global open academic & scholarly research working with a clear mission of helping the economies of the world’s 50 (underdeveloped) countries by allowing researchers from these countries to publish quality research articles in AASRC Journals at a discounted fee.

American Academic & Scholarly Research Center (AASRC) publishes the American Academic & Scholarly Research Journal (AASRJ), covering computer science, engineering, social science, business science, natural science, health science, and humanities. AASRC follows a rigorous editorial process to ensure highest quality published articles. AASRJ is a bimonthly peer reviewed Journal with an open access theme for preview and download.

AASRJ is issued bimonthly on (January, March, May, July, September and November).

AASRJ Science Central (Score: 9.94)