The impact of applying knowledge management in the Kuwait National Library

Faisal Ahmed Alqahtani


The research aimed to identify the extent of knowledge management application in the Kuwait National Library. To achieve the objectives of the study, the researcher followed the inductive documentary approach and analyzed the content of intellectual production from previous studies and research, where the philosophical and theoretical foundations of knowledge management were researched and studied. Then, the study tested the requirements for implementing knowledge management in the Kuwait National Library.

Through this study and examination, several lessons were extracted that can be beneficial in the area of knowledge management. The study shows some developmental proposals that the researcher wishes to follow to raise the level of library performance, and some proposals for the library to monitor its knowledge priorities and work to provide knowledge as soon as possible. The library must invest in its uninvested stock of knowledge. It should encourage work with diverse cognitive teams to generate knowledge. Moreover, it encourages its employees to search for knowledge related to its activities in all sources. Furthermore, it supports scientific research to generate knowledge related to its long-term goals and supports the institution’s senior management to implement knowledge management.


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