The role of Artificial Intelligence applications in supporting Digital Marketing strategy via Social Networks

Layla Al-Youbi, Mona Mahnabi


The study aimed to identify the role of artificial intelligence applications in supporting the digital marketing strategy via social networking platforms and to clarify its uses and benefits for marketing, by relying on both documentary research to create a cognitive framework and the content analysis method through reviewing and analyzing the literature and analyzing a group of models of marketing strategies via Social networks and artificial intelligence applications in order to develop a proposal for effective artificial intelligence applications and marketing strategies through social networks. The proposal begins with a study of the current situation and ends with measurement and evaluation. One of the most important findings of this study is that there are several types of marketing strategies via social media networks, including the social commerce strategy, the social content strategy, and others. Among the findings of the study is the availability of many artificial intelligence applications that can be used to support digital marketing strategy. It has also been shown that social media platforms increase awareness of brands and the products or services provided by them and it also helps maintain long-term communication and interaction between customers and businesses. The study recommends activating the role of artificial intelligence in the field of digital marketing through the use of various artificial intelligence applications and developing a detailed marketing strategy that takes advantage of all social media platforms in addition to employing appropriate tools and techniques in this field through the implementation of this strategy to ensure its success and achieve the goals.


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