Project Governance Criteria

Safar Mesfer ALHarthi, Khalil A. Yaghi


The current study aimed to identify the concept of project governance, its objectives, components, and criteria. In addition to proposing models for evaluating project governance criteria that can be used as guidance in organizations. we used the documentary methodology and the content analysis. The study yielded several results, the most important of which are: Applying the concept of project governance is based on a set of principles and criteria that serve as an illustrative map. Adopting the concept of project governance enhances the principle of disclosure and transparency. Applying project governance criteria leads to protecting stakeholders and is considered an indicator of sound governance. Four models have been proposed to evaluate project governance criteria, which can be used together or separately to evaluate the availability and status of the criteria. The authors propose a few recommendations, among which are: Administrators must fulfill project governance requirements. Modern technology and artificial intelligence should be utilized to enhance the effectiveness of project governance criteria. Attention must be paid to raising employees’ awareness of all governance criteria. The researchers recommend testing the four models for evaluating project governance criteria identified by this study to ensure their effectiveness in evaluating project governance criteria.


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