Extracting knowledge and its impact on innovation in Rabigh Electricity Company

Hameed Abdullah Al-Oufi


This study aimed to identify the level of knowledge extraction practice at Rabigh Electricity Company, the extent of application of knowledge extraction techniques and tools, and their impact on innovation. The study sample consisted of (92) employees of the organization under study, Rabigh Electricity Company, Saudi Arabia. The study developed a questionnaire as a tool for collecting demographic data from the sample in the study environment and data for extracting knowledge, its techniques, tools, and methods of use on the one hand, and innovation on the other hand. Through the processes of statistical analysis and statistical indications, the results of the study showed that there is, at a large rate, among the respondents an awareness of the importance and role of knowledge extraction in innovation in the company (significance α≤0.05). This is done by holding periodic meetings and workshops and using automated techniques to extract the stored identifier. Based on these results, the study recommends the establishment of an independent department for knowledge management in the company that includes a team of experts and specialists in the field of knowledge management and innovation to activate the processes of extracting knowledge and enhance the benefit from its applications, which achieves the company's vision and future goals.


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