Knowledge Extraction and Innovation

Hameed Abdullah Al-Oufi


The study aimed to reveal scientific studies and research that dealt with the relationship between knowledge extraction and innovation in general. The study used inductive and follow-up methods through searching in search engines, databases, and automated indexes. It showed that the practical trend for the study of innovation did not appear until the early fifties of the ninth century. Tenth, as for knowledge extraction, it appeared synonymously with knowledge discovery, knowledge gathering, data mining, and data processing at the end of the nineteenth century. A systematic review of the literature was also conducted to obtain more insight into the relationship between knowledge extraction and innovation, most of which dealt with knowledge management processes in general and their impact on innovation. There are a few studies that focus mainly and specifically on the process of knowledge extraction and its impact on innovation. One of the most prominent results was that information technology and its various techniques have a prominent role in facilitating access to knowledge, extracting it from its sources, and presenting it to the beneficiaries, which enhances the innovation process of employees and organizations.


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