Literature review from 1973 to 2021 for the role of Knowledge management in strategy of smart government

Lina Muhammad Ali Al-Ghamdi


This scientific paper aimed to review the terms of knowledge management, strategy, and smart government from 1973 AD until 2021 AD, and to address them with a detailed definition according to previous studies, the abundance and abundance of terms used in these studies, their digital and sequential development in Arab and English intellectual production, and the scientific research presented by scholars and researchers that include these terms. Terminology and its connection to many different fields. It aimed to introduce the most important Arab and English conferences, associations, and research interests that were covered by study and research and how they developed chronologically and thematically.

The paper also aimed to discuss, analyze and comment on the studies that dealt with the relationship between the terms, and concluded that the studies that combined the term knowledge management and smart government are very few and even rare. It also concluded that the relationship between the terms is strong and positive, as knowledge management has a major role in strengthening the smart government strategy and its continuity. The success of governments, their keeping pace with technological development, and the satisfaction of citizens by providing smart services in smooth, transparent, more flexible and reliable ways.

Finally, this scientific paper recommended the need to pay attention to the issue of the relationship between knowledge management and smart government strategy and conduct further studies on it due to its great importance.


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