The implementation of knowledge management in a high school in Jamoum Governorate: a case study

Muhannad Nafea Salim Alsaedi, Maher Mohsen Saleh Faqiha


With the increasing of information spread, the importance of knowledge and its management increases in order to benefit from this information and use it appropriately by organizations. Knowledge management plays an important role in educational institutions as it can improve the educational process and its management. Given this importance, this research aims to measure the application of knowledge management in the Palestine High School in Jamoum Governorate. This research measures the level of knowledge management in terms of knowledge culture and the four-knowledge management: acquisition, distribution, storage, and application. This research follows the methodology of descriptive research and case study, and the questionnaire was adopted as the study instrument. The research sample consisted of 41 employees in Palestine High School. After distributing the questionnaire and analyzing its results, we reached the following results: The level of knowledge management application is generally considered high. The level of knowledge culture, its acquisition, distribution, and application was also high. While the level of knowledge storage application got an average rate, which means that there is a weakness in this aspect of knowledge management. Through this research, we recommend the development of technical programs to store knowledge and provide access to it at any time. In addition to increasing seminars and courses, and incentives to participate in the acquisition and spread of knowledge.


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