Components of knowledge management in the institutional performance of the Madinah Region Development Authority and its role in activating knowledge investment: A Proposed Model

Essa Alluhaybi, Dr. Abdulrahman .O. Alqarni


Considering globalization and modern business, organizations are often exposed to challenges caused by complex and unpredictable competitive environments. In the business environment, as well as with the trends and changes in the surrounding conditions and the stringent competition in the global market, the elements of knowledge management are now facing major changes that organizations must introduce in their internal and external operations. Because it has become extremely important to attract investments and economic reforms in the organization. The main objective of this article is to activate the role of knowledge management elements and their investment. Concerning the advancement of the work of organizations and bringing them into the ranks of global bodies. The current study concluded that the elements of knowledge management are the basis for gaining an organization's competitive advantage through its effective management of organizations' investments. A descriptive survey and focus group approach was used for the case study of the Medina Region Development Authority, and the study tools that were developed were based on measurement scales. In conclusion, the proposed model was referred to, its application was tested, its structure was tested, and its strengths and weaknesses were revealed, while knowing and measuring the current general situation of the Authority in investing in knowledge management elements.


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