A Comparative Study of Syrian Refugee Children in Jordan and Turkey: An Exploratory Research

Sewar Barakat


This research paper compares the experiences of Syrian refugee children in Jordan and Turkey, focusing on the educational, social, and psychological dimensions of their lives. Adopting an exploratory research methodology. The findings highlight both similarities and differences in the support systems provided to Syrian refugee children in the two countries. While efforts have been made to provide access to education and support social integration, challenges such as overcrowded classrooms, language barriers, and limited resources persist. The psychological well-being of Syrian refugee children has been significantly impacted by their exposure to violence and displacement. The study suggests policy recommendations, including strengthening education systems, developing language support programs, enhancing mental health support, fostering collaboration, and advocating for the rights and well-being of Syrian refugee children. Implementation of these recommendations can contribute to improving the educational, social, and psychological support provided to Syrian refugee children, ultimately facilitating their successful integration into host communities.


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