Knowledge management and university education outputs "Scientific Review"

Yasser Ateya Alfaidi


This study dealt with a scientific review of the subject of knowledge management and the outputs of university education, where many Arab and foreign research efforts were reviewed that dealt with the importance of knowledge management and its relationship to improving the outputs of university education. A number of specialized and accredited databases, and the study terms have been tracked since the beginning of its appearance, it has been shown through tracking that the beginning of the emergence of the term knowledge management was in 1980 and at the first American Conference on Artificial Intelligence, but the real beginnings of knowledge management were in the nineties when it became The hot and most dynamic topics in the intellectual production of business administration, especially after the publication of Nonaka and Taikoshi in 1995 AD for a book entitled Creative Companies for Knowledge Management (Buran, 2016) that the actual interest in the subject of knowledge management and the outputs of university education began long ago, but at a low pace and weakness that, according to what The researcher reviewed it and the specified time period at the beginning of the year 2000 AD, and the number of foreign studies began to increase significantly, as studies appeared that were directly related to the term knowledge management and the outputs of university education, and studies followed successively during the years 2001-2006 until the last study was in the current year 2021 AD.                                  


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