Metadata Management Strategies: a Theoretical Study

Mohammed Ali Alzahrani


The aim of this research is to explore the role of metadata management strategies in organizations and seeks to understand how organizations employ strategies and data management in order to help them deal with the huge amount of data, as well as contribute effectively to developing future strategic plans for them. The research depends on the descriptive approach to suit the nature of the research And its objectives, in order to determine the importance of metadata management strategies and their components, and this was based on the reality of data and previous available studies, and the research focuses on providing a theoretical framework for metadata management strategies to support strategic management in the integration of data management source in order to improve the strategic performance of metadata, and the study concluded that some were not keen Organizations to manage metadata in a codified manner; It has not developed a unified, written methodological strategy that explains the conditions of these descriptors, how they are created, organized, and the duration of their preservation, especially that the data descriptors may remain for a longer period of time than the data, which results in the limitations of the data descriptors used in some administrations, and their sometimes inaccuracy in describing the data The study also emphasized that metadata management strategies are one of the basic aspects of data management and governance, and that they organize the data of institutions and facilitate access to them. Continuous and intensive training to understand metadata strategies and stages of development.


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